Friday, April 23, 2010

Today was a good day...didn't have to use my AK...

Today I dropped the kids off at school and went right into the city to help my mother with her computer. Brisk mile walk to the PATH, sprinted up the stairs at the Christopher Street Station. Had to stop at the top to catch my breath.
Fixed the computer and decided to walk to the World Trade Center PATH because it's such a beautiful day out.
Walked down 7th to Canal Street and foolishly decided to walk down Canal. That street is always crowded and tourists are brain dead and do not move. I actually stepped into the traffic on Canal twice to get away from idiots who were stopped dead in the middle of the sidewalk counting their cash and another group who I guess thought they were to cool to move fast and didn't want to hear me bellowing "EXCUSE ME" trying to get by them.
I went over on Mott Street which is a street I love. It reminds me of my dad and when I was working for his company how we would stop for Dim Sum almost every morning for breakfast. MMMMMMMMM...Har Gow...(Steamed Shrimp Dumplings) I had a moment of weakness and I stopped at a Chinese bakery and got a pork bun.
Nummy beautiful fatty, sweet pork bun...Tucked it into my bag and walked over by City Hall where the Parrot Tulips were in their last gasps of beauty. Avoided a very large, angry stupid man wearing a purple teeshirt three sizes too small and watched him pick a fight with a World Trade Center construction worker and all of his friends. Purple shirt was not a smart man. Built like an ox and clearly had the brains of one as well. As the fight swelled I zipped around them and said a quick prayer that I not get shoved down the very very VERY long flight of stairs at the PATH station.
I got home, took the Pork Bun and all of it's beautiful, fatty, glistening, breaded, non healthiness out and gave it to the dog. TADA! Diana 1 Pork Bun and Temptation 0.

I just googled a map of where I walked today and I did about 4 miles at a brisk pace. Very nice!

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