Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Last night Husband and I were talking and he said "So what are you doing differently to all of a sudden lose all that weight?"
Surprised I said "You can tell?"
He nodded and said "Oh, yeah"
I told him it was his fault. Because he couldn't eat for a month, neither could I! For the month he was home I didn't have a bagel, pizza, a burger, a hot dog, no Mexican, no Chinese.
I also admitted that I've really really committed myself to Boot Camp and to try to do all of the exercises without slacking or shaving reps or not giving 100%. He's also got us doing a lot more Cardio work these days than ever before which I think can't do anything but either kill me or help me lose the weight.
When I was at my sisters house I stepped on the scale and I'd gotten down to 181 which is still a solid 11 pounds off my my lightest weight but I'm spurred on by the scale movement.
I am however super duper pleased.
I took my measurements last night 46 40 44.
I'm getting there...I'm getting there...
48 hours with no sugar today!

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