Monday, April 5, 2010

No Sugar

24 hours with no sugar. This is NOT easy. The kids and I went to the mall after boot camp this morning and they wanted Burger King for brunch. Of course when you get off the escalator there is a juice bar which is always a good option for a sugar fix but it's almost right next to Mrs.Fields...::sigh::  PJ asked me for a cupcake remembering that I'd been talking about the new Cupcake place in the mall. I told him maybe later. On the way to the dollar store we passed Godiva (The Hazelnut chocolates are to die for and are my favorite) and we passed some stupid Starbucks rip off coffee place that had a huge sign for a Chocolate Caramel Turtle Coffee. Pecan, chocolate and caramel topped with whipped cream...::drool::

When we got home PJ asked if we could make cupcakes.  I told him mommy is trying to not eat any sugar and he actually looked at me with those huge beautiful blue eyes and said "What's that got to do with me?"

This is NOT going to be an easy journey.

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