Friday, April 30, 2010

Pile it on

So now on top of all that I have to do this weekend, somehow because I was at the wrong place at the wrong time I was asked to make a book of art that our kids made for our teacher for teacher appreciation day.
I have to mount each picture on construction paper, punch holes and tie the whole thing up so it looks like a book.
Do I have to make a cover? A back? No idea.
That will be Monday's project.
Our class mother was so desperate to not do this project she came and rang my doorbell to hand me the kids art. I don't mind though and I'm always happy to help out.
My fridge is still full of food that is not mine and tomorrow morning I have to cook two casseroles and bring them with me to the birthday party.
Somehow I have to figure out how to dip the strawberries and then fit them back into my fridge so they stay cold till the party...I can do all of this. I can handle it all with grace, style and sense of humor.
It's nice to be needed! It's nice to have people know they can count on you. Right?
Maybe Tuesday I can fall down...

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