Sunday, April 25, 2010

Not Giving Up

Every time I go to the mailbox something else from the bike tour arrives. Yesterday it was my vest, charity pass which allows me to be at the front of the ride, foot cream and helmet number.
 If nothing else I'm a stubborn bitch and I went to check the weather. If the forecast had been for rain, I would have chucked all of this right into the garbage but it's not. It's supposed to be sunny and a high of 72. DAMN.
I did something that is super hard for me and I sucked it up and went to some of my mom pals and asked for help.
I asked if they could help me out with the kids on Sunday so I could do this ride.
I asked my pals Shawn, Shari and Liz. Three supremely capable women who have been around my kids enough to know what they are about and what to expect. I worry not about PJ but about Lion.
In a weird, but not surprising twist on Facebook my friend Cathy stepped up and offered her help as well. I would trust her absolutely with the boys but didn't think of asking her because she's really never been around my kids and I wasn't sure if she was up for the task.
Shawn stepped up right away and offered to take the boys for 3 hours in the morning.
So I'm waiting to hear from Shari and Liz and if they can't help, I won't love them any less but I'm hoping, between these 4 amazing women I'll cover almost the full day with the boys and I won't have to worry about them and about Husband being stressed...

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