Thursday, April 22, 2010

I will not speak of it again

Okay enough doom and gloom. Deep breath and we move forward.
I spoke to Jenna who is the director of the NY Autism Speaks branch and she is working on getting my spot on the bike team frozen for next year which would be FANTASTIC. I've got the $500 raised and I'm part of the team so she's going to have it transferred to the 2011 tour.
This makes me very happy to know all my hard work isn't in vain.
On not such fun news the school shot down my bake sale. Despite allowing me to have it last year, they are afraid if they do it for me they have to do it for all..

Here is the email I got:
I know this is last minute but I just got the response and Central Office does not want to approve it.  They feel that if we approve it the trend begins to have constant fund raisers for any anyone that asks since once we say yes to one person we cannot say no to another.  The only way to do it is if the PTO sponsors it since we cannot dictate what the PTO sanctions.  However, the PTO also should be careful because they could end up in the same situation.  If they say yes to you, how do they decide who to say yes and no to.

I understand where she's coming from. I'm still disappointed though. It would have been a fun way to fundraise and help clear my cabinets.

I'm focusing on the impending Disney trip now. I'm down to a 38 inch waist. Back in December I was a 42 inch waist so change is happening. It's my goal this trip to wear, and be comfortable in a tank top.
After swinging that 40 pound kettlebell today for a total of 40 reps (4 sets of 10) I'm feeling SO strong and really proud.
I have two or three tank tops that I've purchased but haven't even tried on. By June 5th hopefully I'll be ready for them.
I know I'll have to put on my bathing suit but for some reason that doesn't bug me. Go figure.

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