Wednesday, April 14, 2010


What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice and all that's nice.
That's what little girls are made of.

Ya know what happens when you take away the sugar part of the equation? All that's nice gets a little cranky and mean.
Spring is officially here and that means all the beautiful food carts and food vendors are back out in full force. All of them taunting me with their tweets and facebook updates and pictures. God the pictures. I'm not above licking my computer screen I've discovered.
People's Pops.
Last year they were this brand new business and man did their stuff sound GOOD. Handmade, organic, all natural, small batch ice pops in insane flavors like Blackberry and Cream and Lemon and Thyme. I lusted for them but they only sold their pops at the Brooklyn Flea and I couldn't drag my kids to Williamsburg Brooklyn to be exposed to all those douchebag hipsters. So I read their blog and drempt and longed for the day they came to Manhattan at a time and a place I could get to.
It's happened. They are opening a storefront in Chelsea Markets TOMORROW. As in they will be there all the time, anytime I want one I can hop into the city quick as a bunny. Except I've gone and given up sugar so I can't try their pops.
The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.
Chased him all last year as well. With toppings like Nutella and CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON and Maple Syrup and Malted Milk and Olive Oil I wanted to try his stuff so damn badly. He will be one of the judges at my event on Saturday. He's started his second season early this year going full time in May. Again, another vendor I COULD find and COULD get to but I'm not eating sugar.
Waffles and Dingles same thing. Their waffle truck parks on Christopher and 7th all the time. ALL THE TIME. That's my mother's block. Hell, that's her corner. I could get there...but then there's that no sugar thing again.
I'm working on being a complete and total MILF and I know that eliminating Sugar is good for my body and will help my weight loss and my working out and even my ADD but it doesn't make it any easier for the things I have to give up or turn my back on without even trying them...
The best part of all of this? Vicious & Virtuous is this weekend. One of my competitors is making chocolate bacon baklava. I'm going to be surrounded by beautiful desserts and I can't taste any of them.  
Sad, sad, sad...

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