Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MS Bike Tour

50 mile MS fund raising Bike event I've signed up for. Never mind that I'm biking 30 miles the Sunday before.
80 miles in one week. I'm off my rocker.
Having said that, I need your help. I've set my fund raising goal at $1,000. That's $20 a mile!
Please help me reach my goal and raise money for MS research.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sex Tapes

All these famous beautiful people are having sex tapes released and they are all bringing lawsuits and getting their panties in a bunch because the tapes are supposed to be private and personal.
Listen, I'm no prude, quite the opposite actually. I've done things that would singe most of your eyebrows right off and with all that behind me, and knowing what I know and seeing what I've seen, these folks don't make tapes for private viewing only.
There is a LOT of dough to be made on porn and amateur porn that involves famous folk can pay REALLY REALLY well. Just an average jane or john can make a good nest egg with a webcam and a brave soul.
Don't tell me if someone waved a 7 figure number at these folks who are the living breathing cliche "no press is bad press" that they don't mock indignation but are quick to sign on the bottom line with Vivid Video...
If you make a home porn, you have to know there is the possibility that it's going to leak out and you will get massive press and make money off of it.
Most folks don't care if you have a sex tape floating around, it's not going to lower your box office ratings or TV ratings.
If anything, it's going to boost your website hits and make you a hot Google topic.
So do me a favor and get off your hind legs and stop with the fake outrage.
Sign on the dotted line and be proud of your performances!!
So I found these photos and I'm feeling old.
I cannot imagine wearing a skirt or dress that short anymore.
I'm seriously old people...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It sucks

So you know when having a dead best friend of 30 years really really sucks?
When you get some news about an old boyfriend, a person only she would remember and you want to share the jaw dropping stupid news and she's the only person who would appreciate or understand the news and would be as appalled and delighted as you are and you go for the phone and realize you can't call her because she's dead.
Yeah, that really really sucks.
Not the first time, and it won't be the last time but it never makes me feel very good...
Scuse me while I go cry in a corner.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Now it's time to say goodbye

And another trip draws to a close. We will be back in 9 weeks for the Cruise and it looks like we are going to tack 3 days on in front of the cruises and 3 days after.
We will be in Disney World for Halloween so we were discussing Halloween costumes. I wanted to go as Mousekateers but everyone else thinks we should do Star Wars.

After that trip we will take a little break and save our bread for what might be the coolest damn trip ever.
Mike turns 40 in April and he was joking around with his two friends that we should all go to Vegas and then to Disneyland and then Disney World. Mike's Disney Birthday Tour.
It was supposed to be funny but none of us were laughing.
We all looked at each other and said "Would you?" and all of us said "HELL YES WE WOULD!!!"
So it's up to me to push and make it happen and plan the most epic birthday tour EVER.
What we are looking at now is that all the boys fly to Vegas for 3 days.(I have no desire to take the kids to Vegas) The kids and I fly to LA and meet the adult children in Disneyland. We spend two or three days there and then fly to Orlando and hit Disney World.

Intervention anyone?

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Here we are in Disney World enjoying ourselves and having a delightful time.
It seems however my angel of a younger son has learned a new phrase while here.
"Shut the fuck up"
of course HE says
"Shut the fok up" but the intent is there.
Action has been taken both times we've heard him use it but last night he took it to a whole new level that I can admit here and to no one else it cracks me up.
The boys were all in the bathroom and Lion walked out. Mike told him he had to come back and wait for them.
Lion stamped back into the bathroom, put his hands on his hips and bellowed
Mike said it echoed around the room in slow motion.
He was horrified.
Now he's not of the thickest skin and smaller things that roll off my back mortify him.
This however, would have made me turn pale.
We punished him appropriately but unfortunately because of the PDD-NOS it doesn't sink in and the lesson is not learned.
This word and these phrases will pop up again.
I can't wait to see where and when.