Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Patrick asked me tonight if he could make a dessert. Skeptical, I asked what he needed. He said "Strawberries, Cheese, Bread, Marshmallows and Pretzels"
uhhhhhhhhhhh what?
I suggested that he eliminated the cheese and the bread and go with the other three ingredients.
I asked specifically WHAT he was doing with all of these things.
I found myself instantly being negative, ready to shut his project down because it's bath time and because it seemed to be a foolish project that was going to go no where.
Then I had a flashback to myself at his age and how my mother allowed me to make desserts that never quite came out and how I would mix and stir and add and pretend I was a super cool chef or restaurant owner.
I heaved a very heavy internal sigh and told him to go for it and just please be careful. Oh and he had 10 mins before bath time.
I do that a whole lot. The word NO or the shake of the head almost always seem to be my first answer to requests. I need to cut that out. It's not fair to them. He wasn't asking for my help. Just for the green light.
He's finished now and very proud of himself.
He wants to make Veggie Soup for dinner tomorrow

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