Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm whispering so she doesn't hear me.
I think I might have bought the wrong kind of bicycle.
I say this without ever having thrown a leg over her, without ever having pushed a pedal or made contact with the saddle.
She's not wrong for what I can do now with my lifestyle. I think she's perfect for that. She's wrong for what I want to do in the near future.
For that, a touring bike or a road bike would have been a better choice.
Today I found out about an amazing ride from NYC to Montauk. I inquired about doing it on my Bison and was told if I can do 30 miles straight on her I'm a badass and there was no real way I could do any sort of a tour or long distance ride on her.
Of course, I'm stubborn, and so I replied that I was going to take her for 42 miles this weekend and if I survived, I might be signing up for the 66 mile leg of his tour.
The cyber equivalent of sticking out my tongue. Don't tell ME I can't do more than 30 miles on her!!
I really want to do these distance tours of 100 or more miles. What leads me to think I can do such a thing is something I've been pondering all day. I guess it's the same thing that won't allow me to go down in weight when I grab a kettlebell that's too much for me or that I'm struggling with. It's a mixture of stupid pride and Pollyanna and mad desire and lust with just a sprinkle of stubborn thrown in.
I've been doing some looking online for touring bikes and while I know that now, where I am in my life, I cannot pick up for a week and bike from Buffalo to NYC though I really think it would be a total blast. I can't even do a weekend tour. Clearly family dynamics just will not allow it.
So for now it's Bison and I and we will do what we can together but in my future is another bike and lots of long distance riding.

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