Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lofty Goals

So let me tell you how MY day went.
I woke up and started to frost the cupcakes for the decorating table.
I stopped mid frost to take a good look at my second born, the child for whom or rather because of whom I'm throwing this whole shindig.
He don't look too good folks. Actually he looks REALLY bad. Eyes are slits, arms and legs and back are all torn up and raw and scabby. Cranky beyond cranky. Snuffly and coughing up a storm.
Enough. I've given it 2 days to get better. It's not getting any better. We NEED to see a Dr. NOW.
8:30am I scoop him up and we walk to the ER. He's protesting the whole way "I fine mommy. I wanna go home! I'm not sick!" Complete with tears and wails of anguish. I scoop him up and carry him (Didn't do boot camp today. Just carried my 50 pound kid 5 blocks) We get there and wait, and wait, and wait and finally the Dr. comes in. She makes me feel like poop for the state of the Eczema. Tells me she can give him a shot of Benedryl for the allergies and a Steroid shot for the Eczema. Great.
20 more mins go by. They arrive with two shots. Lion is less than pleased. We had to swaddle him to give them complete with me holding down his legs and another nurse holding his torso and arms while a third gave him the shot.
10:30 comes and I'm getting nervous. He's out cold in my arms and we have to GO . I have 100 cupcakes to frost, I still have to shower and pull everything I need to bring together.
If we don't leave the hospital by 11 I'm not going to make it.
11:00 they finally discharged him and we galloped home. I've never frosted cupcakes so fast in all my life. Somehow I got it all done and we made it to the bar.
The event was a total blast and I think very successful.
I'd wanted to raise a huge amount and we only got $600 but that's still fantastic and thank you to everyone that came out and supported us.

Lion had a stellar time and in a strange fluke one of my bakers works at the school that a new mommy friend has a daughter starting at on Monday. Her daughter is on the spectrum and the family is brand new to Hoboken.
I was so glad to be able to connect these two women and they spent the rest of the afternoon talking.
Her daughter and PJ became serious fast friends and spent almost the entire event together. It's so amazing to me to watch PJ in action. This little girl is clearly Autistic and all the traditional signs and actions are there and yet to Patrick and Lion they didn't exist at all. She was just a new friend and they were so pleased to have her.
She's also older than them and they LOVE that.
Play dates in the future for sure!!
My judges..seriously? I couldn't have asked for a better group of folks. Doug and Bryan from The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck are hysterical and so warm and open and really good men.
Lev from the Cupcake Stop truck is a man that I envy with the heat of a thousand suns. He's got my job. He's got the first mobile cupcake bakery in NYC. I have a business plan that I wrote up about 5 years ago with that very concept. A very kind, generous and gentle man. 
Jermone Chang from Dessert Works is to me the most "serious" of my judges. He took a truck and built an empire complete with groupies and now has a brick and mortar store. His desserts are grown up and amazing.When he told me that V&V was impressive I was blown away. Coming from him that meant so much.
The lovely Sonia from Waffles and Dinges came complete with 300 boxes of waffle mix for all the guests and attendees. Anyone who has the title of executive chef for a business like Waffle and Dinges starts out super cool in my book and she only got cooler. What a smile on her!
Niko from the blog DessertBuzz is a great great guy and I was super glad to have him as a judge. After all the man has dedicated his blog to chasing down and reviewing desserts all over Manhattan. Who better than he to judge desserts?
It was just a really super satisfying good day. I'm exhausted and going to bed with visions of next year dancing in my head...

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