Monday, July 5, 2010


So the kids are going bezerk today. They want to go out and do something. My kids aren't ever happy just relaxing doing nothing.
Everyday we have to have a plan, every day we have to do something.
This is not easy with a husband who hyperventilates when I spend 50 cents.
Camp is out of the question because it's too expensive so I have them home with me. All their pals are away doing family things so I'm their playmate for the summer.
We were trying to find something to do today. Movies are too expensive, Mike doesn't want to go into the city (it means spending money once we get there) and so it's either I'm stuck indoors with two kids who are bored and as a result play too rough or I take them to the water park. AGAIN.
So that's what we are going to do today. I have their bathing suits in the laundry and as soon as it's done I'll be dressing them and getting packed up to hit the water park for one more day.
Next weekend I'll have part of my Sunday to myself thank GOD.

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