Friday, July 9, 2010

Royal Family

It's been established that I don't run. In fact the whole reason I started Boot Camp was because when I moved faster than a snails crawl I could hear the fat slapping. Stairs were bad but can you imagine what running sounds like?
Beyond the vanity factor I have the very real very frustrating issue of shin splints
I've been suffering with them so long I'm at the point where I wish there was a surgery I could have to correct them or that they could be helped with a medication.
They were super bad for a while at boot camp and I've rested them and they are currently better than before but I do still feel them once in a while.
Running has always been off limits for me because of them and I've never attempted to push it or question it. They limit me to walking (and even power walking hurts on some days) but hey, that's just the way that it is.
Yesterday I found out about the Disney Princess Half Marathon.
Without thinking about it my reaction was "I wanna do that!!" followed by "It's HALF a marathon! I could do that!" (Told you know know zippity doo dah about running)
Then I went and looked it up. A half is 13 miles. YIKES! Even I in my most delusional Polyanna state knows that's out of the question and completely out of my league.
Then I saw the 5K Royal Family Marathon and went to check it out. 5K is 3 miles. That I'm almost CERTAIN I can do!
Here is last year's run. Tell me that doesn't look like a TON of fun!
I mentioned it to Mike (who used to run) and he showed serious interest.
So now I have to train a little bit for this right?
Apparently I have to be able to do a 16 minute mile either at a run or a walk. I who have never jogged have no idea what that even looks like pace wise.
Since I have zero break from the kids for the next 50 or so days I can't do anything about it till then but come September 1st I'll get out there and start by walking a mile at a comfortable pace and see where I fall time wise.
One of my friends who is a runner suggested this program to me so I'll try to follow it and see what happens.
Hopefully we can make this thing work!
Guess this year is really and truly all about pushing my own limits huh?

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