Friday, July 9, 2010

The Blue Kangaroo Bakery

It's absolutely no secret that it is my number one long term dream/goal to own my own cupcake bakery.
It's also absolutely no secret that Mike has ZERO interest in being any part of this dream. I'm groovy cool with that.
He wants to go off and be a professional poker player. I'm not really behind that dream so whatever.
I'll be in the Berkshires from the 16th to the 23rd and as luck would have it, I've run across an amazing amazing once in a lifetime type of properties.
I put up a blog about her on From City To Surburbia

The location is PERFECT for a bakery/coffee place. It's right next to the courthouse, the museum and the new theater and walking distance from the high school and the library. (You can zoom in and see more details)

View Pittsfield in a larger map

Here is the Wiki on Pittsfield.
She's a hurtin unit though. She's in bad bad shape. Not as bad as Lion Manor but she's still in need of help.
Going off in my own little dream world though, if I were somehow able to swing this it's large enough that we could use the upstairs as our home.
It could be completely and totally perfect. Of course I'd have to convince Mike he wants to do this but while I'm up there I'm going to go and see her and see what she's all about..

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