Friday, July 9, 2010


A long time ago Mike and I decided that rather than have stuff, we wanted to go places.
It worked out well when we had two incomes and could go all the places we wanted.
Now that we have two kids, despite his making 6 figures money is always super duper tight.
As you've heard me whine before, I'm stuck with the kids home with me all summer long with no days off and no time to myself.
Apparently if you whimper and whine loud enough people take pity on you.
My father has told my aunt that the two of them are going to send the boys to camp for a week this summer.
This thrills me to no end in ways I can't even describe.
Actually, they will only be sending Patrick to camp this summer.
Camp Chimney Corners and Camp Becket have a rule that has been in place and it's one that they are serious about and won't bend on.
All campers MUST MUST  MUST wear socks.
No questions, no exceptions.
Brian completely and totally refuses to wear any form of socks ever at any point in any way.
For over a year now I've tried everything I can think of to get him to wear socks. He has a huge horrible tantrum when I try.
I'll have to keep trying but I have a funny feeling he's not going to be going to camp this year...

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