Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boot Camp

So most everyone that attends the 9am boot camp is fine with the kids being there. There is one woman though who I know doesn't like children and today she proved to me that she's not good with them.
We were finished with the workout and the kids wanted to play on the rings.
She was doing some yoga or whatever right by the rings make it impossible for the kids to play.
My boys being my boys attempted it anyway and Brian swung into her.
She hit him and yelled "NO" and then immediately realized what she had done and clapped her hand over her mouth and blushed.
I didn't rip her head off for three reasons:

1. Brian was wrong. Not that I allow other folks to smack my kids and get away with it but he stepped on her hand, and hurt her and her reaction was spontaneous and without malice.
2. He didn't even register that she had touched him and so I knew if I'd made a big deal about it it would have upset and confused him.
3. I was still tired from dragging and then being dragged by a full grown man up and down a loading dock.

He actually went over to her and laughed in her face which I thought was hysterical and the perfect reaction to her inappropriate behavior.

I almost started to explain the whole lack of social skills due to the Autism thing but she's one of those folks who wouldn't care and it wouldn't help her understand his behavior any better.

Patrick just heard me talking about it and he said "WHAT?! WHO HIT BRIAN!?" I told him what had happened and he said "She's lucky I didn't see her. What a JERK"

Guess that sums it all up...

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