Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kettlebells & Boot Camp

By now you know what a total groupie I am for Hoboken Boot Camps and what a serious fan I am of what David is doing and how proud I am of what he's created and the continued growth that I see for him and Hoboken Boot Camps.

I wouldn't be such an uber stalker fan who is in everyone's face about the class if I wasn't passionate about it and about the results I see in myself and those around me.

I have no idea what everyone else has for goals but for me it's a three fold thing. I want to continue to drop weight, increase my muscle tone and keep reaching for the bigger heavier kettlebell weights.

My excitement and enthusiasm for working with weights of any size surprises me. Weight lifting or weight and strength training have NEVER been something I thought I'd be into or interested in. It's been less than a year now and I've worked up from a 5 pound kettlebell to a 35 pound kettlebell. I often catch myself admiring my arms in the mirror and I've even been know to flex from time to time.

I didn't even know that I could do what I'm currently doing but my long term weight training goal was set the second I found a video of Pamela MacEleree

My jaw hit the floor. I had no idea a woman built like her (a woman that didn't look like an insane roid head bodybuilder) could lift weights like that! In a flash I knew. I knew I wanted THAT. I wanted to do that too. I wanted to rock the heavy weights. I want to be super duper strong

I LOVE watching her videos. They motivate and inspire me.
Today I found these two

I sent them to David. Tomorrow I want to try some of these.
One of the things that I love about Hoboken Boot Camps and about David as a trainer is that he wants to see us succeed and push ourselves to be the best we can be and to meet our personal goals. He listens to our ideas and what we need or want from him. He's patient and knowledgeable.

When I started class I often felt like a whiny wimp. My back hurts, my shins hurt, I can't jump, can't run, can't move, wait now my arms hurt...he's never told me to shut up and get it done he's given me different ways to move my body so I don't hurt but I can get it all done.
I know that I can go into class tomorrow amped to do these exercises and he will allow me to try some of them and will help me master them.

Let me tell you that I NEVER EVER thought I would get EXCITED about exercise!! Seriously! Yet here I am, almost a year into boot camp hunting the internet for new exercises, new ways to move my body and giving a crazy man more fuel for the fire, offering him more ideas and different ways to push us, to push me.

What on earth will this next year hold for me and my body? Only time will tell...

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