Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tee Shirt Ideas

Seriously, I want my Adobe Illustrator back.
I'd purchased this shirt for Brian a few years ago. I had him wear it on the plane to Disney and back home again and that was it.
It allowed folks to understand what they were seeing and explain some of his behavior that might appear bratty or like an out of control child.
He's outgrown it now but the last time we wore it we ran into a child in the airport with severe Autism and the mother questioned Brian's place on the Spectrum since he didn't exhibit all the symptoms.
I explained that he has PDD-NOS but that I couldn't find any shirts with PDD-NOS and not many folks know what that is.

Cleaning out the kids room today I pulled the shirt out again and thought about it and the more I think the cooler I think it would be to design a similar shirt but rather than just saying "Child with Autism"
it should say "Child on the Autism Spectrum Please be patient"

Anyone wanna help me design it:?

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