Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Boot Camp Today

So at 9am this morning it was 90 degrees.
Walking to Boot Camp I thought to myself "I've GOT to be insane and off my rocker! It's WAY too hot to be doing this" but there we were, walking to Boot Camp. (I'm still a lot shocked at myself every morning my feet take me to class since I still view myself as a bit of a lazy slug)
Yesterday kicked my tush and it was equally as hot.
David had us outdoors with Kettlebells doing 10 swings, 5 Burpees with the vertical jump and then going for a run. I lost track of how many sets we did but I was doing my swings with a 35 pound kettlebell and towards the end I had to seriously push myself to get it all done.
Today I decided since it was so damn hot again I was going to practice my smarter not harder workout philosophy.
David does this cool thing where he has a series of 6 exercises written on a white board. We roll a dice and whatever we roll we have to do the exercise with that number on the board.
I love it when he does these as it really gives me a good workout and forces me to push myself.
Of course, you always have the chance of rolling the same number, over and over and over....
Today he had two exercises with the kettlebell. A set of 10 overhead presses (10 on each side) and 60 trunk twists.
For the presses I started with a 25 pound KB and. for the trunk twists I had a 20 pound. By the end of class I was working with a 15 for both exercises and struggling.
It doesn't help that we were also doing modified planks and going for a run in between dice rolls!
Of course I still have the kids with me and Brian decided that he had to go and pee.
Rather than stop what I was doing I scooped him up, jogged to the bathroom and while he was on the potty I did 10 star jumps, 10 fast deep squats, and 10 lunges. When he was finished I carried him back to class at a jog.
When David called for the last roll and jog I screwed up all my energy and when I went for my jog I went to the end of the loading dock paused and sprinted as hard and fast as I could back to class.
I felt proud of myself even though no one else saw it.
I dug super deep to find that power burst!!
I just feel like I'm working myself smarter and still pushing the weights up and up and up but also listening to my body.
I've found a good balance in class and I'm seeing the results much faster than before. The inches are slipping away and I'm seeing the muscle tone change all over.
I so love Hoboken Boot Camps!!!

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