Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weight Loss Surgery

My darling husband has been on a liquid diet for 2 weeks now and has another 2 weeks to go.
He complains a whole lot about how awful it is and how hard it is and how unhappy and frustrated and hungry he is.
While I can't pretend that I know what he's feeling because I've never had a food addiction I can tell you that it's no walk in the park for his family.
Everything I eat, and I mean everything he comments on. How good it looks, smells, how he would kill to eat it. Since he's had the surgery I've eaten two real dinners. Both were grilled Chicken Breast with some mashed potatoes.
Both times he's made remarks about how good it looks and how he would kill to eat it.
I'm left feeling awful and guilty for eating so I've resorted to cereal which uses milk which he needs for his protein shakes.
So you know what I've been eating? Protein Bars. For breakfast, lunch and dinner I'm eating protein bars. I'm not just eating them though. I have to sneak them so he can't see me eating them.
 I'm out of  protein bars so you know what's for dinner tonight? Nothing. Tonight I skip dinner and I'll have to skip breakfast tomorrow as well.

The worst part is that the kids are suffering as well.They are DYING for pizza for dinner and I refuse to get it for them because that would be way way too mean. Two weeks my kids have gone without pizza.  That's torture.
Today at the Aquarium they were hungry so I got them lunch which was Chicken Nuggets and fries and my dad wanted a hot dog.
I got nothing for myself thanks to that whole guilt factor thing I have. I can't eat in front of him when he can't eat.
An hour or so after they ate they wanted a pretzel. We got them one and the whole sea lion show all I heard was how good it looked and how hungry he was.
Our food orders cost the same because of his muscle milks and cottage cheese and yogurts but this last food order I got dinners for the kids and stuff for him but nothing for me. No food for myself.  
Two more weeks of this might just kill me. Truly. Either kill me or get me down a pants size or two...

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dusty earth mother said...

Cracked me up! Protein bars, huh? Yummy... Oooh, you're gonna be skinny when this whole thing is over...