Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pancakes and Bacon

It's Sunday! I have a fridge full of bacon and maple apple turkey bacon and all the ingredients for pancakes with real maple syrup...
Sounds good doesn't it? A hot, hearty breakfast, relaxing with the family.

Unfortunately I have no idea when this will happen in my home again.
To cook pancakes and bacon seems downright cruel to my husband no matter how much I'm dying for it.
You know what I had rather than a delicious filling indulgent breakfast? A bowl of Lucky Charms.
Last night I skipped dinner because I didn't want to cook or make anything infront of the husband since he can't eat.

Yesterday afternoon I snuck a Cadbury Egg into the bathroom and ate it quickly so he didn't see or find out. I brushed my teeth after so he didn't smell the chocolate on my breath.

The other night I made a decent dinner for myself. Mashed potatoes, chicken breast, veggies. I ate as fast as I could and even then after I was done, PT remarked how good the mashed potatoes looked.
One of my favorite things to do is look at food blogs and I look now and it's more torture than pleasure.

Bye babes!  I'm going to lunch! Without you. Since you can't eat. Toodles!!

I knew his not eating would affect me but not like this. I had NO idea I would be suffering right along side him just without the incisions.
I'm afraid for a while food will not be pleasurable or something to be enjoyed but rather something to be eaten quickly and quietly with as much of it done outside the home as possible.

I thought about stopping for a bagel tomorrow on the way home from boot camp. If I get one though, I'll have to eat it as I walk home.
Of course it's not all doom and gloom
We can eat oatmeal and Tuna together though! Of course I have to puree his Tuna in the blender...We can have soup but his has to be strained of all things not smooth and pureed...
I'll have to step on the scale today and see if I'm benefiting from this at all.

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