Monday, March 15, 2010

Personal Goal

Hoboken Boot Camps. I'm so in love with this class and how strong it's making me feel. Over the weekend I'd asked David the owner and trainer if he thought I could lift a 25 pound kettle bell and do a press with it. (That's when you lift it over your head) He said we would try on Monday. We did the whole boot camp workout which ended with 3 minutes straight of kettlebell swings. I did a minute and a half of 15 pound and then had to go lighter.
After class was over we did the overhead press with a 15 pound weight, then a 20 and the 25. I was successful getting all of them up and over my head. He came out with the 30 pound weight!!! Below is the video of me lifting 30 pounds over my head 5 times on each side!

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dusty earth mother said...

Woo hoo! Lift 'em, baby!