Thursday, March 4, 2010


So apparently my doll got himself a seriously cushy room and is living it up with floor to ceiling windows a shower and a plasma screen TV. Too bad he's in too much pain to really enjoy it.

Visiting hours start at 11:00 and I can stop by and say hello to him and then I have to leave. If he's getting discharged today he's on his own as I've exhausted all of my resources to watch the kids for me.

Unless I bring the kids with me (insert snorty braying laughter here). As I'm typing this I realized that the hospital won't release him on his own. He's going to have to have another person with him.

I might have to bring the kids with me (insert snorty braying laughter) to spring him from the joint...

I just sent him a text asking him to find out.

I actually don't give my kids enough credit. 90% of the time I underestimate them. They are more often than not really good when I need them to step up and  be good for me. PJ especially. He LOVES to be in charge and loves to help me out.

Lion has to be in the right mood but if he is, he's also super stellar. If he's not in the right mood...well I'll have to bribe him with something from the gift shop.
(Maybe we get daddy two balloons and let the offspring carry them. That will make everyone super happy.)

Today will work out if I just let go and let it be.

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