Friday, March 5, 2010

Hit the wall

Apparently I CANNOT do it all. I've been waiting to find my breaking point or the moment when my life says "NO MAS" and I think I found it but I've also found a way around it. (TAKE THAT LIMITATIONS)

Yesterday I got a pleading phone call from one of the MOST pulled together moms I know. This woman seriously can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let her husband forget he's a man. She is a WOMAN in all caps.

She needed coconut bread for her kids Daisy Scouts meeting tomorrow. She didn't have the time to make it and would I make it for her?

Pssh! Would I make it for her?! OF COURSE I would! Don't think twice. I got this! EASY task.

Never mind that I had to run to Target this morning and then to CVS and by the time I got home and realized I had no all purpose flour it was too late.

NO PROBLEM. I have CAKE FLOUR.  Feeling good and rather smug about my well stocked baking items I got it down from the top shelf.

Omit salt and baking soda and baking powder when using Cake Flour. Okay dokey. Wait...I only have salted butter. Crap.
What's the worst that can happen? Thought I, as I measured and mixed and stirred and finally poured the batter into loaf pans. Then I tasted the batter. (puckering face)...salty! Okay maybe it wouldn't be so bad when baked.
55 mins in the oven and in between this I'm grinding pills, making protein shakes, straining soup. helping him on and off the couch. I didn't even test the loaves for doneness when I pulled them out. Tops were golden brown out they came.
They deflated immediately after I took them out and so I called my friend Shari who is one of the Daisy Scout Leaders.
"Shar, these loaves are awful"
"Don't care, cutting them up anyway"
"Shar, I don't think you can"
"Cut one and tell me what it's like"
and we hung up.
I cut one open and saw raw batter.
Called her back
"Shar, the loaves are in the garbage"
"You couldn't serve these unless the person eating them was deaf, dumb, blind and lacked tastebuds"
"hmmmmmmmm....maybe I'll get Macaroons. Do you know a good place to get Macaroons?"
"Let me make cupcakes. I have a boxed mix. Banana or Orange"
We hung up.
The phone rings
"Can you make them minis?"
"Of course I can"
we hung up.

So the banana cupcakes are done and out of the oven and when we get back from picking up the kids from school I'll make a white icing and sprinkle coconut on the top.

A disaster averted and I think the gals will like the mini cupcakes that Daisy Mom Shawn made lovingly for them!



dusty earth mother said...

hilarious. but i believe the quote was "Where can you get a decent macaroon around here?"

Diana said...

What I love about the insanity of today is that I don't think Mike believes I sit on the couch and eat bonbons all day anymore...

Between the shopping and the baking, and the phone calls and the delightful impromptu play date(s)I didn't have much time to play nursemaid to him!