Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Doughnut Plant

Everyone in NYC from grandmothers to hipsters to schoolgirls seem to be completely smitten with the Doughnut Plant.
I appear to be the only person among these doughnut zombies who doesn't think they are all that great. I went, I got half a dozen and I was unimpressed and a little perplexed. Now I'm getting downright concerned. Can my tastebuds really be that far off the mark? I was really unimpressed and if I never had another one I'd survive quite happily. I'm not even motivated to try them again to see if that was an off day because according to everything I read, the Doughnut Plant is always on the mark and never has an off day.
Maybe as I've stated before I have a true white trash palate. As I type this I'm snarfing down a lavender peep and I really think Kraft Mac and Cheese is yummy and I'm a huge fan of Entenmann's doughnut line and don't even get me started on Hostess products. (As a little girl I had a friend that I would beg for playdates with because his mother always had Twinkies and hostess cupcakes in the house) The texture of the doughnuts was super weird. It was spongy...almost like a stale peep and the flavors didn't blow me away either. The texture though I think is what left me cold. It was weird. A doughnut should be cakelike and a little spongy but not chewy which to my mouth Doughnut Plant was.
So there it is. I am not a fan of the Doughnut Plant.
Tell me I'm not alone!


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