Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear Diary

I love my pal Shari.
Love her to the moon and back..
She was awarding beautiful blogger awards and I got an honorable mention:

"And I give my Honorable Mention to The Cupcake Hussy at A Few Clowns Short of a Circus. In an amazing feat of humility, Diana blogs only for herself. She holds a wonderful conversation with her own page and lets me peek in when I want to. She also lives a block away from me and lends me baking items all the time. She rocks."

This made me laugh out loud and I choked on my Diet Coke.
She's right. I do blog for me.(cue Carley Simon's "You're so vain") I don't share this with anyone ('cept you Shar) and I don't promote it at all and I certainly do not pretend that I can write with any talent.

It's a public-ish blog meaning anyone can come and read it and snicker to themselves as they read my ramblings. I just don't promote or push it.

I do it because I'm so afraid I'll forget and because I need a place to vent and a place to crow and just a place to be me.
Hey, I share a 648 sq foot apartment with two little boys a husband and a dog. A girl can go insane if she doesn't have a diary or a place to call her own right?

Maybe I'll start titling all my blog entries "Dear Diary"

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The Empress said...

Loving your style already! Came over through Earth Mother. I say, Yes, everyone, I think , should title their blog posts, "Dear Diary."

Cute stuff. Thank you!