Tuesday, March 2, 2010

T minus 24 hours...

He has to be at the hospital tomorrow morning at 7:30am. That means he has to leave here at about 6am. That means I can't go with him because the kids don't start school till 8:30am.


I'd really wanted to be there with him while the checked him in and stay with him till he went in for the surgery...
and now thanks to the endless kindness of a wonderful friend I can be.

She bravely volunteered to watch the kids and take them to school while I take PT to the hospital.

I'm dropping the boys off at 6am at her house. Did I mention this amazing woman has a cracked rib AND pneumonia AND two kids of her own to get out the door to school?

She is a walking, breathing saint. Truly.

The hospital is a quick walk away from one of the Alice's Tea Cup restaurants. I will be bringing her home a bag of their scones knowing that there is no way Scones can equal her kindness...

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