Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lion Report

I just read the schools re-eval of Lion and while it doesn't surprise me I still find myself feeling sad.

The bottom line is he's got the language skills of a child a year and a half younger than he is.  Since he'd made such strides this year I'd hoped that this too would have caught up but it seems it has not.

We are re-evaluating him to see if the services he's getting through school are proper, if he needs more, less, added, taken away.

It seems we are on track with all of his specials for now which is good.

I seriously worry though for the near future. He's not going to stay at the school he's at forever and if he moves onto kindergarten next year then that will be his last year there.

It might also be our last year in Hoboken unless I can figure out an alternative that makes me as happy as Brandt school does...

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