Saturday, November 6, 2010

Food Competition

While we were on vacation, I got an email about  an upcoming holiday food competition being run by a super cool duo.
I'd entered or attempted to enter one of their food offs before only to have my oven totally spaz out on me and run 500 mini brownie bites.
I had to withdraw at the last second because of it.

Thankfully they didn't hold it against me and accepted my application for this upcoming Holiday event.

I had to come up with a dish (obvs. a dessert) that said "Holiday" to me.
To me that's easy. It's Gingerbread.

I learned from the last event I successfully made it to that bite sized items are the way to go. I lugged 400 + full sized cupcakes to Brooklyn, spent almost an hour frosting them only to have them sit. Not because they were bad but because they were too big. It was too much to eat a whole cupcake AND taste the rest of the stuff so folks passed.

Gingerbread all alone is dull and not prize worthy so I put on my thinking cap.
I will be making 500-ish white chocolate gingerbread blondie bites.

The event is on a Sunday and it starts at 4:00pm. I have to be in Brooklyn at 3pm to set up.
I'm on the hunt for an assistant.
I would need someone to help me set the table up and then keep me company and help me serve folks.

Anyone in?

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