Monday, November 29, 2010


There is this kid in Patrick's class who is a total jackass. Typical bully who looks for your weakest area and pushes and pushes at it.
Last month this kid was hitting Patrick. (I'm not one who promotes fighting but both Mike and I told Pats if this kid puts his hands on you again, lay him out.)

Today apparently this same kid told Pats that he has a "goose face" (what?!) and that his mother is fat.
I wanted to instruct Pats to tell this kid "My mom is working hard on losing weight and when she's thin, you will still be a pathetic jackass". I didn't however.

I told him that he needs to stay away from this kid and if he teases or hits you again, you need to tell a teacher.
I wrote an email to his teacher about it.

I'm seriously about a breath away from telling Patrick to just punch this moron in the face and be done with it. Walking that thin line between teaching him what's right and the kind non aggressive way of dealing with bullies and teaching him to shut this little shit up before the words have even left his mouth.
I'm so pissed off right now that I want to knock this kids teeth out.

The school has one more chance to make this right. If this happens again I'm going to call a meeting with this kids parents and the school. I'll include Mike and no one wants him involved. TRUST me.

This is twice now that Patrick has been bullied and made to feel uncomfortable at one of the places he should feel safe.
NOT a happy mother right now...

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