Thursday, November 18, 2010


I found these fantastic shoes on EBAY for next to nothing and I planned my whole Tweed Ride outfit around them. I didn't bank on the temps dropping as low as they are apparently going on Sunday. Low of 43 high of 47 is NOT warm weather.

My problem is the pants that go with these shoes which go with a knit vest which go with a white button down shirt do NOT go with the Tweed overcoat that I own.

Mixing Tweeds is as icky and awful as mixing polka dots and plaids.  (Be honest. How many of you are surprised I own ANYTHING Tweed?)

I have a pair of Grey wool pants that would be perfect with the Tweed overcoat but then I've got no shoes.
I could do my black velvet blazer but then that means I have to mix black and brown which I hate doing. (Be honest. How many of you are surprised I give a rats rear end about mixing colors and that I know anything at all about style and fashion?)

Would I be completely insane to attempt to layer under the button down and hope for the very best?

The brown shoes are really so perfect for this event and I'm going to be super sad if I can't wear them...

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