Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Holidays

Thanksgiving is now 2 weeks away and my mother brought it up since we've not discussed it.
She wanted to know what we were doing.
We aren't doing anything.
She wants us to come over.
As Mike so gently put it "You all can go. I can't handle a day with the cat, liberals and no football"

See, he grew up in a huge family full of Republicans and Thanksgiving was always at his grandparents surrounded with huge extended family and the traditional fare and lots and lots of football.

I did not. I have memories of my mother making Turkey but the mashed potatoes always had the skin on and the stuffing was gourmet and the cranberry sauce was never from a can. We certainly never ever ate turkey sandwiches on white bread after the meal was over.

Again, I'm sure we had extended family over. I have vague memories of my maternal grandparents and my mother's sister and her brother coming over but it wasn't consistent and certainly wasn't any sort of a tradition. Both maternal grandparents are gone as is my mother's brother and her sister goes to her daughters for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is one holiday we always attempt to skip over.  It really never works.  Everyone always feels so obligated to get together, to do something.

Last year I had the worst time convincing my parents that we really wanted to ignore the holiday and do nothing for it.

It would be nice for the kiddos to have some family around them on Thanksgiving. Even if it is here at our shoebox apartment.

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