Sunday, November 28, 2010

A story

Once upon a time there was a band in NYC called Lovemaker
Lovemaker had a fan who folks called Amber.*
Lovemaker had another fan called Julia.*
  Julia was a lovely gal and supremely talented and was going to school at NYU for art.
Amber and Julia got to be friendly since they were always at the shows together.
Amber showed Julia around since she was native and Jules was from far away. (Rhode Island)

Jules started to date a guy who was a big time heroin addict and was a mutual friend of Amber's best pal.
Shit went downhill for Jules really fast but she was completely blinded by love.

Somehow Jules and Amber decided it would be a great idea to get a place together.

They found a fantastic place in Staten Island and agreed to move at the end of the month.
Jules landlord was fed up with the rent being late or not being paid and so she kicked Jules out a week before Amber and Jules were due to move in together.
Somehow Amber wound up at 3:00am moving Jules and fighting with the landlords on Jules behalf and paying for round trip cabs.
Jules lived with Amber and her family for that week and then the little girls moved in together.
To pay her rent and support herself Jules took a job at a local Staten Island Strip Club called LIPS.
Amber worked at her dad's company doing Computer Graphics.
Bills were always paid but life was not harmonious to say the least.

Jules was a total slob who never cleaned up and always had her heroin addict boyfriend over.
Finally Amber had had enough of her spoons disappearing and put her foot down.That boy was not allowed in the house anymore ever again.
Jules agreed but one day Amber came home early from work and the boy was there.
The girls fought like tigers.

Eventually it became clear to Amber that things weren't going to change and she had to get out of there.
Jules went to Florida that night and Amber moved out. Unfortunately for Jules all the utilities were in Amber's name as was all the furniture.

When she got home from Florida, the apartment was dark and bare.
In the middle of the room was a note.
"You want to have your heroin addict boyfriend here that's fine but I'm done with him checking our machine for messages and wondering when my stuff is going to disappear to pay for his habit. I'm outta here."

Years later, Amber isn't sorry for what she did but is sorry for how she did it. She also really misses that apartment and will be going back to visit it super soon...

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