Sunday, November 14, 2010


Thanksgiving always makes me think of Chrissy.
I think I'd mentioned the lack of solid family traditions as I was growing up and Thanksgiving was one of those "meh" holidays around my house.
We had no extended family to hang with so it became a tradition that I went to Roundup Ranch in Downsville, NY with Chrissy and her parents.
We would leave Thursday afternoon and come back home Sunday afternoon.

She and I could find trouble ANYWHERE and we sure as hell found it there. We had so much fun spending all day on sweet horses riding all over the property and at night we would hang out at the ranch bar flirting with men who could have gone to jail if they had ever been smart enough to ask our real ages.

We rented two separate rooms, her parents in one and she and I in another. We were only like 13 or 14 so it was a HUGE deal and we would sit up all night with our boom box rocking out to Motley Crue and WASP and Bon Jovi.

I loved that tradition so much that despite the fact that no one in my family has ever swung a leg over a horse for more than a pony ride I think it would be AWESOME to go to a ranch like Roundup for a weekend.
Unfortunately, Roundup is long closed and the best I can find is Rocking Horse Ranch. It would be groovy but I think I'd be riding alone since they appear to have an indoor water park and a supervised kids club.

It also appears that the Ranch is open year round and they have massive low prices in December but that's not going to happen because I've been on horses year round and I know how awful trail rides are in December with ice for the horses to slip on and how you can't feel your toes or your fingers for hours after you dismount and how the snot freezes in your nose.

I remember how you would go to the bathroom in the barn to attempt to run hot water on your fingers to bring some life back to them and lo! No hot water. Only freezing cold water which stings as you wash your hands.

The landscapes are gorgeous with icicles on the trees and the crunch of the hooves in the snow, watching the horses breath turn to steam.
How the world seems so damn still like everything is asleep.  It's beautiful and brutal all at the same time.

I just posed the adventure to my darling husband and he's all in for next year!

Hooray! I think I might be able to carry on a beloved tradition while starting a new one with my family...

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