Friday, November 26, 2010

Stair Training

So I've been on the hunt for places I can go to train with stairs.
I suppose I can check with my mother's building and see if they mind my running the 18 flights.
I know I can work with the 5 stories at the Monroe Center but I'm looking for other places too.
I found these in the city.

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I'm feeling really dense however because I cannot come up with any other building or place that has stairs I can use to train. I checked out the 9th Street Light rail Station here in Hoboken but apparently the stairs are locked unless the elevator is out of order.
I just found these stairs in Weehawken

Shippen Steps

At the end of Shippen Street, directly across from the double hairpin curve are the Shippen Steps, an outdoor public staircase down the Palisades Cliffs which continues in the same direction as Shippen Street. They begin on Hackensack Plank road and end at Park Avenue. There are 96 steps, with a diagonal span in length of about 250 feet.
New Jersey Transit Bus Route 123 makes a stop at the top of Shippen Street along Palisade Avenue and runs between the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Christ Hospital in Jersey City Heights. a few blocks to the south is the Marginal Highway, a main transit corridor for North Hudson-Lincoln Tunnel traffic. On the other side, the Shippen Stairs end about .25 mi. from the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Lincoln Harbor Station and New York Waterway ferries, though pedestrian access requires a detour around the tunnel's toll plaza.

More in the city
Connecting West 174th Street with Featherbed Lane, Bronx NYC

Roosevelt Island Station Stairway: 159 stairs
Lower end: subway level
Upper end: Main Street
Type: concrete
Parking: unknown
Note: On the F subway line; info and photo courtesy of Michael Ring of the Prospect Park Track Club, Brooklyn, NY.

 Exchange Place Stairway: 128 stairs
Lower end: subway level
Upper end: Exchange Place
Type: concrete
Parking: unknown
Comment: On the PATH subway line; info and photos courtesy of Michael Ring of the Prospect Park Track

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