Thursday, October 28, 2010

A very long day

I popped two Tylenol PM and went to bed at 9pm. Fell asleep at around 10 only to wake up at 1:30 for the rest of the day. That was it. I was up.

Needless to say by the time it was time for me to wake up the rest of the family at 4:30 I was so tired and knew it was going to be a supremely long day.

The second I got into my seat I was out cold. My sister and I have been flying alone since we were 3 1/2 and 5 so I've got no fear of planes or turbulence which apparently was a very good thing since according to Mike we hit a TON of it.

I never woke up. The kids were great the whole flight but at the end while waiting to deplane Lion spontaneously threw up all over the floor and me. He then proceeded to use my sleeve as a towel. Bleah.(and for the record, I totally owned up to it when we got to the front of the plane letting the stewardess know about it. No slinking off the plane hoping they don't notice it.)

According to the Weather Channel the heat in Disney yesterday broke all sorts of season records. It was a high of 91 with a heat index of 97.

You would think that considering we were down there in August we would shrug off the heat but the sun combined with hunger and absolute exhaustion let to two very whiny, very unhappy children which ultimately led to a large whiny angry and unhappy husband which in turn led to an exasperated Diana.

If Mike said "I need a vacation just for me" or "The kids ruin everything" one more time I was going to box his ears.

We attempted the Food and Wine festival which both he and I were really looking forward to. It was impossible with the kids and the two booths that he was able to get food at sucked. I ate nothing. It wasn't worth the high prices and long lines.

We go around World Showcase barely and made our way to Journey Into Imagination and everyone started to perk up and get their second wind. From there we went right into Captain EO and then to Soarin' and then to the Finding Nemo ride.

After that we were done and took the bus back to the hotel.

We were all seriously starving at that point and headed to the Whispering Canyon Cafe for some dinner.
PJ make it through but poor Lion  took one bite of his nuggets and waved the white flag. He came over and snuggled into my lap and fell asleep.

It's now 3:30am and I'm up transferring photos and videos that I took yesterday off my camera so I can start all over again today!

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