Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Kiddos

This has been a good week.
So often I feel like I've been thrust in this role of mother to two little boys and really, who thought this was a good plan?

Putting me in charge of two growing humans. Asking me to be their moral compass when my philosophy on life has long been "Don't like me? Fuck off" or the more G-rated Popeye "I yam what I yam"
I was bullied and tortured as a child in school. I went almost friendless for years. I often think I'm better off as a solitary critter and feel awkward with other people.

How then am I supposed to guide these two children to be healthy, happy people?
From the day I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted my parenting to be based on the philosophy of "Kindness to all"

It was clear to me that if I left my children with nothing else in this world, I wanted them to be loving, giving, kind and patient to all around them. Even, and especially those that didn't appear to need it.
It is the one lesson I've driven home at every chance.
It appears to be paying off.

Today the school therapist approached me to tell me about a classmate of PJ's. Apparently this child visits her office but never speaks much and has a difficult time opening up or being comfortable with her. She's at an impasse with him. She witnessed Patrick and this child together and said that Patrick makes this kid come out of his shell. That Patrick is gentle and genuine and kind with this boy.

She wanted to know if it was okay with me if she invited Patrick into their therapy sessions with the hopes that if this child has Patrick there to hold his hand he might be more willing to open up.
As someone who has been in therapy since I was 7 years old this thrilled me to no end. My sweet kind son, the therapy dog.
I am elated.

This week I also got the news from Lion's teacher that she feels he's doing so well in school that if he keeps it up in a month or two we are going to put him in a couple of mainstream classes during the day.
(and Diana can now release the breath she's been holding since we stated this whole experiment)
PJ's teacher also wants to interview PJ for her Cognitive Behavior class she's taking. She had to pick a student and said PJ is perfect for it.
Dude also got a 100% on his English and an 82% on his math test he had this week.

This is a good week and makes me think maybe I'm not as bad at this whole mommy thing as I thought I was...

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