Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hall and Oates


When this song came out in 1982 I was a wee lass of 9 years old. Daryl Hall lived in my building and I'd often ride the elevator with him. I always wanted to talk to him but I couldn't ever get my lips to move! I mean it was DARYL HALL!! I roller skated to his songs!! I remember him always having a sweet smile for the shy awkward little girl that I was.

I also remember how unpopular I was and how cruel kids were to me in 5th grade. I had a sleepover party and I remember being elated that all the girls I invited came.
At one point in the evening they all got together in a huddle excluding me. They got up and all walked out of my apartment in a flock.
I chased them down demanding to know where on EARTH they were all going?!

I was informed that they were going to prove that I was a liar and that Daryl Hall did NOT live in the building.

We went to the lobby and I had the doorman tell them that he did indeed live there but we weren't to go ringing his doorbell.
I remember I took all 14 or 15 girls to the building directory and proudly showed them the name listed in one of the penthouse apartments. "D. HALL"

The girls had nothing else to say to me and returned to my apartement.

Ah the sweet memories of youth.

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