Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Items

In an effort to consolidate I'm combining two posts into one.
I've scrapped the Princess Leia idea for something much cooler.
I found this on EBay and contacted the woman who made it. It HAD to be mine.

My grin should tell you how excited I am.

It is my plan to pair this with black and white striped stockings and my favorite skirt that I NEVER take out to wear:

 Heavy dark makeup, blood red lipstick and absolutely no smile at all whatsoever. Should be a good night!

Onto part two:
We are 10 days away from our trip and I'm doing as much homework as I can. While we are on the cruise we won't have any internet or cel phone so I won't be able to do any research or get any info.
In my paddling around the internet I found out that on Disney's Private Island called Castaway Cay they now have private family cabanas.

I watched the video a few times and everytime I watched it I lusted for this cabana more and more and more.
So I went in search of some details. Found them and almost choked.

The new private cabanas opened on Castaway Cay yesterday, Disney Cruise Line announced.
Most of the 325-square-foot beach cabanas are located on the far end of the expanded Family Beach, which can be reached with the new tram stop on the island. Three of the 2o cabanas are located on Serenity Bay Beach, an adult-only area of Disney’s private island in the Bahamas.

Each cabana is furnished with cushioned chairs, lounge chairs, a dining table, a refrigerator, a locked storage unit, outside fresh water shower and shade on the front deck. Amenities include non-alcoholic beverages, sunscreen and towels. Food and beverage packages are expected to be offered, and cabana guests can opt to add the personalized service of a cabana host.

Cruisers who have booked concierge suites for October sailings report they were able to reserve the cabanas for $499 per day as part of a “soft opening.” They were told the price includes the host, fruit, snacks, water, soft drinks, sunscreen, towels, fresh water shower, beach toys, tube and float rental, snorkel gear and a one-hour bike rental for up to six people.

Waddya think? Worth the $500?

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