Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parent Envy

I read a blog like this one, which is written by one of my friend's husbands and I find myself slightly awed that there are fathers that behave like this.
Dads who are this involved in their kiddos lives.

Not sure why really. I had one of these dads. My dad was my best pal and he and I did everything together. When I turned up as a very very broken teenager, it was my dad who "fixed" me or attempted to. It was always my dad and almost never my mother.

I wish Mike were more like this with Brian. He's a good dad and does the very best that he can but I don't think it's in his genetic makeup to be a very hands on father.
I don't think his dad was, or his grandfather before that.

I wish on a Saturday or a Sunday Mike would make plans to take his two children out and do things with them, just them and daddy.

He's done it in the past with Patrick and only once with Brian the Lion and that was just to get bagels.
Mike loves Lion. I know he does. He just doesn't "get" him. He doesn't have patience for the Autism and the quirks that come with it.

Maybe one day.

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