Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Disney Packing

We leave on our next Disney vacation in 3 weeks.
This trip poses a special kind of trouble to an overpacker like myself.
We arrive on October 27th for one night at Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort. On the 28th we rise, smack the rooster in the ass and get on the bus to the 3 day cruise.
We return to Disney World's Animal Kingdom Lodge on October 31st and will stay there till November 3rd when we return home.
Can you see my problem?
This vacation has three separate parts to it and needs to be packed in that manner.
The cruise is the trickiest part because they don't allow casual wear in the dining rooms so everyone has to have 3 nights worth of clothing that's more than tee-shirts and shorts. Polos and Khakis are acceptable but I'm not going to have the kiddos wear khakis anywhere else but to meals!

So here is what I'm thinking and I might be making more trouble for myself than I need to.
I'm going to ship a box with "Cruise only" items to the ship. This box will contain, well, cruise only items.
Clothing & shoes and things we will only need on the cruise.
At the end, I'll have them ship it back to me at home.

For the one night at Wildnerness Lodge I'm going to pack a small overnight bag that has a change of clothing for everyone to put on the next day as well as toiletries.

This will evolve and develop as the time gets closer.
I often feel that the more organized I attempt to be, the worse I make things so I'm going to just sit back and relax and wait...

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