Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shopping for packing

So every trip we take I have a pre packing shopping ritual.
I always hit up Target and throw things I think we might need willy nilly into the shopping cart, la di da and $200 later I have everything we could ever maybe, possibility need for the Disney vacation.
I never ever hesitate and never ever feel guilty about this shop. It's totally part of the deal of going away and it's something I enjoy. Those little bottles of shampoo make me happy.
My darling husband NEVER EVER understands this ritual and gripes about my wasting money on all this "crap"
My argument is that it's all stuff we NEED.
The truth is, the stuff I get is mostly for me. I know our room comes with shampoo and conditioner and body wash and that might be ducky for a guy who bics his head but when you have hair to the middle of your back that stuff ain't gonna work. I need my Prell shampoo to keep my hair clean and non greasy and I need my Pantene conditioner.
We also all need toothbrushes and we need toothpaste and I need razors and shaving cream and body lotion and I need purell and bandaids and uh...all that other good stuff I always get.
This trip though...this trip is different. I've been postponing the pre-trip shop. I've been trying to figure out how to get around it actually.
This trip is going to be more expensive than the last few we've taken because it's time to renew our annual passes.
We are going to have to plunk down $2,000 for our tickets this trip. That's a large chunk of change. That plus our dining plan which came to about $800 plus our plane tickets plus plus, plus we are looking at a $4,000 vacation.
Of course, the tickets will pay for themselves by our next trip and they are totally worth it for our family since we go so often but I hate the renewing them since it's such an expense.
Of course, I now have to do it tomorrow. I've run out of time and left myself no options.
I can't do the pre vacation shop with anyone but myself. Husband sucks all the fun out of it by stressing about money and the kids distract me.
Monday is a holiday and he's off of work and I have to ship all this stuff to Disney on Tuesday!
Tomorrow I'll go to Bed Bath and Beyond and really be as quick and strict as I can be.

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