Friday, May 28, 2010

Boot Camp...

I missed boot camp yesterday because I did something funky to my knee on Wednesday when I took the bike out and I didn't want to aggravate it and be out for longer.
All this week, David has been putting out the bigger dogs. The 40 and 45 pound Kettlebells.
I know he's doing it to tempt me, to push me and to keep me working smarter not harder.
Let me tell you, those are some heavy weights.
It doesn't sound like a lot and I'm sure more than one of you is sitting at your computer reading this going "So?! Big  deal! That's not that heavy."
 Well to me, they are and I'm so damn proud that I have the strength to work with them!

Up until now, I've been the only one itching for bigger heavier weights. I've been alone in my desire to push myself and work my way up to the 80 pound kettlebell (yeah, I've moved up from the 75 pounder) I think I'm the only one who really wants to develop stand out muscles and get ripped arms and legs.

On Tuesday the two big weights were out and we were doing something called a farmers walk which is when you carry two weights, one in each hand and just walk with the weights by your side.
I grabbed the two heaviest and walked and they were HEAVY and I was really working carrying them.

Once in a while I take a peak around the room to see what everyone else is doing.
I was thrilled and proud when I saw two of my fellow bad ass classmates used the heavier weights for the first time as well!

Wednesday the big weights were out again and they were so popular that I had to switch to a lighter weight because they were always being used!

I see such changes in my classmates. I'm so proud of all the work everyone is doing and how strong we are all becoming! Tushes are getting tighter, waists are getting smaller, abs getting tighter...

I love how we all work together, how we all support each other and when a new face comes to class, how we all do our best to support and welcome the new folks. I love how there is no ego, no one upping, no competition, and no attitude in class. It's all about you pushing you and you making yourself better and setting your own goals and crushing them!

I'm aware that I'm the most enthusiastic kid in the class. I'm always gushing about the class and singing the praises of David and I'm sure folks want me to shut the hell up at times but I've never felt this good and I've never liked how I look in the mirror all that much.

I love the class and I'm super proud of David and how much of a success his class has become and how quickly he's grown in a year.

I sincerely hope that this impending summer break doesn't mean the end of our class and the end of all the hard work everyone has been doing.

I'll be there over the summer as much as I can be working towards that 80 pound kettlebell!

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