Thursday, May 6, 2010

5 years ago today

5 years. 1825 days.
I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.
Because your brother was a C-Section, we scheduled your birth as a C-Section as well. I was pleased because though it required surgery and needles I wouldn't have to go through all that pain of labor and since your big brother was only 16 months old it saved me from having to scramble to get him into the city. This way I could bring him to Ahma and Emmy and let them watch him while I was busy bringing you into to the world. They would also take care of Humphrey. It was an excellent plan all the way around.
May 5th we all went into the city to spend the night and the plan was the Pop Pop was going to pick us up and take us into the city at 6am.
May 6th at about 3am I woke up, went to pee and passed my mucus plug. That means labor is on it's way and baby is coming.
You have GOT to be kidding me!! Seriously?
I went and woke my mother up and we decided not to call the Dr. since I was headed there anyway and I had no contractions and no pain.
I got into the car with pop pop and daddy and Aunt Rho (my dad's sister who lives in Turkey and visits every summer) and the first labor pain hit. I casually asked them what time it was. Second one came almost immediately after the first. Asked again about the time and daddy turned around and gave me a suspicious look since I'd just asked three minutes prior. When I asked again another 3 mins later Daddy knew what was going on.
Pop Pop just wanted to know if I thought I could make it to the hospital. I said that I could despite the labor pains being hard and fast.
We arrived at the hospital and waited to check in where I cheerfully informed the nice lady that if it wasn't too much of a bother we needed to move things along since I was having massive brutal strong VERY close together contractions. I absolutely refused to be the cliche pregnant chick screaming, dragging her nails across the desk, and freaking out. I was going to be kind and cheerful
We went up to labor and delivery where they put me in a room with another woman who was in labor and hooked me up to the monitor and prepped me for the C-Section. The labor pains were awful at this point and I remember I wanted to stab the other woman in the eye because she had the TV on as loud as it could go watching Saved By The Bell. On my very last nerve. I remember lying there on this tiny very narrow hospital bed with Daddy, Pop Pop and Aunt Rho sitting at the foot of it watching me.
The monitor is a sadistic machine because it charts the contractions before they hit so the three of them knew what was coming before I did and watching them sit there wincing was no fun for me at all.
Then all of a sudden my water broke.
Oh my little Lion are you KIDDING ME?!  Hang in are scheduled to be cut out of me shortly!
They wheeled me into the OR and the anesthesiologist stuck her huge needle in my back only to have to pull it back out and stick it in again. Without contractions that's no fun. With them? Horrendous.  She came around the table smiled at me and said "Did you gain a lot of weight during this pregnancy? I can't get the needle in. I'm going to have to use a much bigger needle.
Lady, I'm freezing cold, in awful, awful pain, exhausted and now you are telling me I'm TOO FAT FOR A NEEDLE?!  Too much for me to bear and I started to sob hysterically.
After that it's a little fuzzy for me but I remember hearing the Drs. pull you out and I remember hearing you cry for the first time and seeing your beautiful sweet face with those huge huge brown eyes and cupid lips. I fell in love with you madly and deeply.
It's been a roller coaster of a life little man and these past 5 years I wouldn't change for the world.
You are an amazing little boy and I love you heart and soul.
Happy Happy Birthday sweetie pie.

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