Sunday, May 9, 2010

Bikey, Bikey, Bikey
Holy SMOKES I really wanna do this! Really, REALLY REALLY...(Are you seeing a theme here? Not passionate about much but when I get a bee in my bonnet, I usually get what I want.)

This is doable simply thanks to it's location. It's in the Berkshires. My mother will be in the Berkshires at this very same time at our house. Maybe I can convince my sister to be there as well! Northampton is one of my favorite towns EVER and my parents own two homes there (used to own three, had to sell one to pay for the divorce. How stupid is THAT?!)  I keep saying it's where I'm gonna wind up...I would really love to bike through there.

I could go up with my sister on Friday night leave the offspring with them for the weekend and do this bike tour...

I'm going to write them an email right this very second...

Oh and Sarah I PROMISE you I'll train before this one.

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