Monday, May 3, 2010


Okay cue "You're so vain" by Carley Simon...
It is my short term vanity weight loss goal to wear a tank top. I've never liked my arms and my stomach looks pregnant.
While I don't care much what others think of me, I'm vain as all hell with an ego the size of Texas. I won't go out in something I don't think I look cute in (except to pick the kids up from school or to boot camp)
I found this shirt on EBAY for $5.00 and I bid on it thinking that it might or might not work on me but if it DOES work won't  look super duper cute?
I got it for the summer months thinking that with my hard work in boot camp and really sticking to my diet maybe by August I'd be able to wear it or maybe not even till next summer.
I tried it on to be sure it fit and I was delighted with how I looked in it right now.
I'm still far from where I want to be but I'm getting closer and this shirt proves it. I like the way I look in a shirt with no sleeves. For me that's HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE...BIG step in the right direction.
I might even pack this for Disney World...

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