Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oh my achin....

I started doing Boot Camp because I was really tired of hearing the fat on my stomach slap when I went down the stairs at the kids school. Seriously. It was like having someone applaud me all the way down each flight. It got to the point where I was walking down as slowly and carefully as I could so I didn't disturb the fluff.
However, not moving meant no aches and pains, & no injuries.
I haven't damaged myself IN boot camp. All my injuries are either old or obtained outside of BC.
My tailbone? It's bruised and I know exactly when and how I did it.
Humphrey the wonder Basset Hound is old, his parts are old. Bladder in particular. He's been peeing on the floor a lot lately.
When you don't see the puddle of pee on the floor, on the tile floor odds are you are going to completely wipe out. I did it twice. Both times I went up in the air feet out under me and landed hard on my butt. Not long after it my butt started to hurt me but lately, as in the past month or so sitting for long periods of time is agony but not as bad as standing up. I can't just pop up out of  a chair anymore. I have to find something to grab onto, take a deep breath and pull up slowly wincing in horrible radiating pain all along my butt and lower back.
It takes me about 10 or 15 seconds to go from sitting to standing. That doesn't sound like much but time it and try it. You will feel VERY old...
Thankfully as long as I'm standing, there is no pain. Most of Boot Camp is done standing and so it doesn't affect me at all. Bike riding though? Eesh...I got a pair of padded bike shorts (I NEVER EVER EVER wear shorts) and will try them tomorrow. If I'm sort of sitting and leaning forward it's a better position...
My shinsplints go back to horseback riding. Don't know exactly when but I remember trying to push my heels down and wrap my legs around the barrel of my horse and being unable to do it because of the awful pain from the shin splints.
Walking too far, running, even wearing heels all send me into awful agony. Boot Camp has lots of running or skipping or trotting. I sucked it up for a while but when I saw my Dr. he told me that if I don't settle down the splints can turn into fractures and then I'm REALLY out of comission.
So I told David and he's got me doing squats rather than running and sprinting.
The squats while amazing for my legs and my butt have gone and stirred up another old horse related injury. When I was 16 my trainer was proving a point and had me do a jump course over, and over and over till I was so exhausted that I got sloppy and fell off and my knee connected with a jump.
I never had it checked by a Dr. and I clearly should have because now 21 years later it still aches with a radiating pain up and down my whole leg with the focus on the back of the knee when I over use it or when the weather is rainy.
Because of the squats, I've been using my legs a hell of a lot more than ever before and I know it's a good thing because I'm building up my leg muscles that will eventually be strong and the pain will subside but it aches all the time these days. I mean all the time. It's a constant pain that never goes away and it's awful.
Tylenol helps and muscle rub helps too so I'll use them but I'm NOT going to give up Boot Camp.
I've worked so hard these past 6 months and I've never felt so strong and never liked the shape I see my body becoming. To throw it all away because of a few injuries? I don't think so.
I think however, I might have to wear....shorts....I have to be able to get the muscle rub onto my leg quickly and without rolling up my pants.
If I can find my shorts, I'll be wearing them tomorrow...
I'm getting old and clearly the horses tried to kill me years ago...

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