Thursday, May 27, 2010

More packing

and while I'm whining and bitching about packing for Disney World (everyone should have such troubles right?)
can I just grumble about how I hate having to wait till the night before to pack all the clothing (okay most of the clothing) because the kids need to wear the stuff I need to pack?
How I'll be up doing laundry the night before and will be galloping around like a chicken with no head making sure we have everything and I don't repeat the trip when the boys were babies and I completely forgot to pack for my darling husband?
Yup. I packed everything for the kids and I and not one item of clothing for him.
That was NOT pretty let me tell you.
Today I'll hit Target and get a bunch of stuff we need and then I'll head into the city for the spacebags.
The king of not spending money always says we don't need half the stuff I get but it always gets used and is always needed so he should just STFU and stay out of my way.
But I really hate having a packing list in my head and having to wait till the last second to execute it.

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