Monday, May 10, 2010

Robert Louis Stevenson

Oh you cannot be serious. You just can't.
This is my high school. I did 5 years here. From 8th grade till 12th grade graduation. I have NEVER seen such a crock of poop. However this video amuses me to NO END because at the 3:50 mark is a guy name Grant Shapolsky. Grant was a student when I was there and he and I used to make out once in a while. Random no strings attached, meet you in the closet or the empty bathroom groping make out sessions.  Lauren Fox the actress/restaurateur at the 4:30 mark was my Student Adviser. I used to frequently yank her out of class and into the bathroom to talk and she would always use the opportunity to snort coke.
Sometimes she would bring a friend in and they would both listen to me and snort coke. She was always polite and asked if I wanted some. I always declined. Stevenson is not as sweet and roses as they might want you to think it is...

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