Monday, May 17, 2010

I feel...

Strong and accomplished today.
Boot Camp was fantastic. Worked with a heavy weight and got everything done without stopping like I usually do. Of course I couldn't do any of the jumping or running he had the class doing today so I did squats and lunges and LOTS of them. I left feeling very wobbly with legs of rubber.
I decided that since today was so beautiful I was going to take the bike out for a ride.
I went and picked her up, got her onto the ferry at 14th street and took the ferry to the 39th street pier.
I didn't have a lot of time so I rode up to 65th street, turned around and went back down to Christopher for a total of 6 miles. My legs were KILLING ME. The tops of my thighs were burning and aching. Peddling that heavy bike was extra hard today but I kept a good pace and tried to keep my speed between 13-15 miles per hour. When I hit Christopher I hopped off and walked her up to my mom's building where she's now living in the basement. (NOT my mother. The bike. My mother has a lovely apartment that I'd kill people for)
I'll take her out again on Thursday when the weather is warmer. I'll attempt to do 10 miles with the same speed.
I have 19 days till Disney and 14 more boot camps...
Today was a great day and I feel good for pushing myself and not giving up.

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